About us

What We Do

– Help accredited investors grow their wealth through passive real estate investments

– Raise equity capital from investors and place it with experienced partners that have a proven track record of success

– Assist our partners in funding their deals

– Select partners that invest in alternative niches that have a history of strong cash flows and are projected to continue to perform well, such as:

  • Multi-family Apartments
  • Self Storage Units
  • Mobile Home Parks

Our Model

– Target investments that are expected to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns over the life of the project

– Favor strong growth markets and areas in the path of progress

– Focus on value-add, repositioning, and rebranding projects to create attractive upsides and limit downside risk

– Target holding periods for investors of ~5 years with opportunities for refinancing cash-outs once significant value is created

  • Diversified
  • Tax-advantaged
  • Recession Resilient

Who We Are

Our team does the work and you reap the rewards. We partner with experienced operators with proven track records of delivering attractive returns. Together we build long-term wealth and passive income streams through a diversified offering of value-add multifamily, self-storage, and manufactured home park investments located in select markets across the U.S.

our Team

Brad Shepherd
Managing Partner
Kelli Shepherd
Partner, Chief Analyst
David Thompson
Strategic Advisor

Upcoming Opportunities

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