June 8

Apartment Investing Journey – with Kevin Bupp


Commercial Syndication, Limited Partnerships, Sponsorship Vetting, and So Much More!

Brad Shepherd is a real estate expert and the founder of Sugar House Investments.

Having graduated college with a degree in Finance, Brad purchased his first rental property within months of graduating and quickly found his career take-off with a retail and hospitality startup in Utah. Playing a key part in this company’s foundation, he spent his last four years there as president of the organization, guiding it through monumental growth.

With well over a decade in the field, his experience includes management of hotel and vacation property, retail and café operations, development of retail and hospitality space, and raising capital from both domestic and international investors.


“My very first step into the commercial space was investing as a limited partner, and if I knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t have made that investment. But I learned a ton from it, and I’m glad I did do it… it’s helped me quite a bit as I’m going out there and talking to other potential investors.”

In regard to good sponsorships: “whatever systems need to be in place to work with an insurance adjuster to get things settled quickly, those things have to be in place.”

“When somebody asks me how to vet an opportunity, start with the team. What’s their track record, get to know them, what’s their style.”

“A good sponsor can make a mediocre deal, [and] do better than a mediocre sponsor can with a good deal.”


02:05 – Brad gives us an overview of his college background, his internship in Seattle, and how he got started in the real-estate space.

04:54 – Brad tells us how he transitioned into commercial real estate.

11:15 – Talks about the role teams play in the real-estate space, especially in Texas.

14:10 – Brad discusses how he’s attracted limited partners towards investment opportunities.

16:50 – Brad talks about the vetting process in regard to sponsors and how he figures if they can meet the expectations of his team and investors.

17:56 – Brad delves into what he thinks went wrong during one sponsor partnership that wasn’t the right fit/did not go well.

22:06 – Brad tells us where he believes he could have done better with this sponsor partnership.

24:16 – Brad tells us his answer to this question—what’s more important: the sponsor or the deal?

25:56 – Brad talks about how his investment activities have changed during 2020.

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