The 25 Top FAQs about Real Estate Syndications
25 top faqs about real estate syndications

One of the favorite parts about my role is spending time with new or experienced passive investors to answer questions about real estate syndications. After vetting operators, markets, properties and business plans, the most important part we play is helping investors understand why we’re excited about an opportunity and what their role in it will […]

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Six Reasons Mobile Home Parks Make Fantastic Investments
Mobile home parks make great commercial multifamily investments

In my continuing efforts to identify some of the most alluring alternative real estate investment asset classes, mobile home parks continue to be near the top.  I like multi-family value add apartment investing as a core holding and self- storage and mobile home parks to provide some unique diversification around the edges.  The interest stems […]

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Why Self-Storage Has Become a Popular Investment
why self-storage units have become popular commercial investments

The model for my real estate business focuses on alternative real estate niches.  I want to provide education and investment opportunities for investors to take advantage of the trends and attractive returns some specific niches offer.  I carefully select key trusted partners (sponsors) and help provide private equity investor funds to support their projects. In […]

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Why I Like Investing in Large Apartments
Why I like investing in apartment syndications

As a private equity capital raiser for a large apartment syndicator I’m very aware of the power of apartment investing. I meet potential investors on a frequent basis who are interested in apartment investing but most have never invested in apartments before.  They may have heard from a friend who is involved and seeing good […]

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Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Self Storage
Self storage sydication investments

Self-Storage Investments: An Alternative High-Yield Asset Class The stock market has been volatile of late and tends to make even the most ardent supporters nervous. It is this volatility that pushes investors to look at alternative asset classes that are not correlated with the stock market and smooth out the overall performance of their portfolio. […]

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